Do you want swift and periodic quality assurance of your Oracle database platform on-premises or in the cloud? If your Oracle database is already in the cloud, would you like to verify whether your cloud provider is complying with your service level agreement? Or are you evaluating a new Oracle database platform on-premises or in the cloud?

Tradeware can help you analyse your existing environment, determine the necessary capacities, and compare suitable platforms on-premises and/or in the cloud. Concrete key figures will show the price/performance ratio of the potential solutions. And if you need substantiated capacity planning for the consolidation of your database, Tradeware can do it for you.

Quality assurance

How powerful and robust is a system? That's precisely what Tradeware tests before a new Oracle database platform goes live – on-premises or in the cloud. We use representative Oracle workloads to measure the performance of platform components (such as server and storage systems) and key Oracle service processes. For reliable capacity planning, we determine the key performance indicators of typical database operations such as data load, data analytics, and transaction processing.


If you want to evaluate a suitable Oracle database platform, you need to consider not only the price/performance ratio but also the Oracle licence costs. Tradeware determines the key performance indicators of platforms and helps you to make a fact-based decision.

Capacity planning

If a change of platform or in the cloud is pending, capacity can be planned concretely – with the key performance indicators of Oracle database platforms. Tradeware offers the services to quickly and reliably determine these important figures.