Oracle database platforms are highly complex IT systems. That's why the choice of the appropriate infrastructure or cloud solution has an impact on several levels: In addition to the expense for implementation and operation, it also affects your Oracle licence and maintenance costs. The latter can be far higher than the cost of the infrastructure.

Oracle Engineered Systems

In Switzerland, Tradeware is involved in nine out of ten projects using Oracle Engineered Systems. This is another reason why we have extensive experience in the evaluation, implementation, and operation of such systems.


Whether public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid: When evaluating cloud services for Oracle databases, the price/performance ratio is a decisive factor. Tradeware determines the key performance indicators of an Oracle platform for you and supports you in making decisions based on facts.
So that you can count on optimal results, we work with you to optimise your processes and adapt them to the new requirements of the cloud – even before migration to an Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Once it’s operational, we regularly check the cloud services to measure and compare any changes in cloud performance.