As an SAP customer, you are free to choose the database on which you want to run your business process software. Most companies choose Oracle, with its 30+ years of experience with SAP. Many of these customers also rely on Tradeware – because we've been providing suitable Oracle database infrastructures for years.

SAP Application Enablement on Oracle Database

Oracle Cloud for SAP is an optimal alternative.

Oracle Cloud has been certified for SAP since October 2020 and thus offers a solid alternative to on-premises solutions. With the Exadata Cloud@Customer product in the customer data centre, you have an Oracle private cloud which is absolutely identical to the dedicated public cloud and shared public cloud.

Switch to HANA flexibly for lower costs.

Customers who are planning to switch to SAP4HANA will find ideal platforms in these cloud variants. However, if the existing infrastructure is to remain in operation until the last Oracle database is replaced, they will continue to pay the full support costs for Oracle and have to reckon with high expenses.

Switching to an Oracle Cloud eliminates this high-cost item.

Tradeware supports you exclusively throughout Europe.

We are currently the only partner in Europe trained by the Oracle SAP Competence Center to set up an Oracle database cloud for SAP customers and to support the implementation.

Tradeware offers the following services:
  1. Consultancy regarding project definition
  2. Technical analysis (feasibility and sizing)
  3. Setup of the DB platform in the cloud
  4. Migration: project management and, if necessary, subcontracting of certified SAP migration partners, Oracle ACS, SAP Basis Team, or SAP system house

SAP on ExaCC Project

What you can expect from Tradeware:

  • Tradeware possesses extensive experience with Oracle database platforms – both in planning & architecture and in sizing & setup.
  • We have specialists equipped to handle all the different areas of the platform (HW, OS, network, database).
  • Our many satisfied customers are a first-class reference.
  • In short: Tradeware gives you the certainty of working with a solution that is realised exactly according to your needs.