License Management Do you know whether you are correctly licensed? We analyse your situation and provide a report that helps your company to recognise any under- or over-licensing of Oracle and to make up for this discrepancy in a cost-effective way.

On the one hand, Tradeware informs you about your entitlements. This way you know which software your company has acquired and which rights are associated with it. On the other hand, our service also allows you to define usage. We scan your systems with scripts and tools, create a detailed report, and show you which software is installed and running. This is always valuable. Once you know your entitlements and the facts in our report, you will know everything about your license situation.

Neither over-licensing nor under-licensing makes sense.

If you are under-licensed, this can be resolved through consolidation or a system change. If you have too many licences, Tradeware will show you how to eliminate the unnecessary costs.

The resulting data output is Oracle specific. Notwithstanding, the data can also be used as input for generic software asset management solutions.